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International Online Workshop on “Thinking about Implicit Bias and Racism in the U.S. and Japan”


アメリカから始まり世界中に広がっているBlack Lives Matter運動ですが,その大きな一つの要因にはマイクロアグレッション(自覚ない差別)とアンコンシャスバイアス(無意識の偏見)の積み重なりがあります。これらの言葉の解説と具体的な事例から,BLM運動が日本にどのように関係しているのか,そして同じようなことは日本でも起き得るのかを考えてみませんか。

Started from the U.S., the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has spread all around the world these days. The cause of this movement is not only the tragedy that happened to George Floyd but also the accumulation of microaggressions and implicit bias toward African-Americans in daily lives. In this event, we would like to explain these terms with specific examples, then think about the hidden causes of the BLM movement and racism in the U.S. and Japan.

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QUE / QWSイノベーション協議会Organized by QUE and QWS Innovation Council

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グローバル科学知融合研究所Co-organized by Global Consolidated Research Institute for Science

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WASEDA-EDGE人材育成プログラムWith the support of Waseda-EDGE Global Talent Development Program


2020年7月18日(土) 11時~12時30分 (オンライン開場時間:10時30分)
July 18 (Saturday), 2020, 11:00-12:30 (Online Site Open 10:30)

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学生、社会人、QWS会員Student, General, Member of QWS


日英通訳ありJapanese-English interpretation available

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2020年7月17日(金) 17:00
July 17 (Friday) 17:00

10:30 オンライン開場Online Site Open
10:45 QWS・WASEDA-EDGE紹介 朝日 透(早稲田大学理工学術院教授)
Introduction of QWS and WASEDA-EDGE
Toru Asahi(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
10:55 QUE紹介Introduction of QUE
11:00 開会挨拶 三石 ミゲール(早稲田大学先進理工学部4年)
Opening Address
Miguel Mitsuishi(Senior of School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
11:03 参加にあたっての留意事項Announcement to Participants
11:05 米国と日本におけるマイクロアグレッションとアンコンシャスバイアス
Daniel Hoague(UCLA、Cota-Roblesフェロー/Center for Diverse Leadership in Scienceフェロー/全米科学財団サステナビリティプログラム研修生)
Thinking about Implicit Biases and Racism in the US and Japan
Daniel Hoague (Cota-Robles fellow, Center for Diverse Leadership in Science fellow, and a National Science Foundation Trainee in the sustainability program, UCLA)
11:15 質疑応答Q&A
11:25 日本での事例 Toma-Jin Morikawa(Amherst College政治学専攻)
Instances in Japan
Toma-Jin Morikawa (Majoring in Political Science, Amherst College)
11:35 アメリカでの事例,BLM運動はなぜ起きたのか
Instances in the USA and why the BLM movement have started Danielle Hoague
11:45 質疑応答Q&A
11:55 鼎談 Danielle Hoague、Toma-Jin Morikawa、溝上 茉里子(早稲田大学創造理工学部)
Danielle Hoague、Toma-Jin Morikawa、Mariko Mizogami (School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
12:25 閉会挨拶 朝日 透(早稲田大学理工学術院教授)
Closing Address
Toru Asahi(Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University)
12:30 シャッフリングShuffling

Danielle Hoague

UCLA博士課程2年生として環境共生学を専攻。環境・科学・テクノロジー分野における学際的な研究に取り組む。Phi Beta Kappa Honor Societyのメンバー及びMcNair Scholarとして、2019年にUniversity of California, Berkeleyにて社会環境学士号を取得。UC Berkeley在学時は、教育政策研究所を運営し、食糧不安がサンフランシスコベイエリアの低所得層の学生にもたらす影響について研究を行った。現在はUCLAにて、Cota-Roblesフェロー、Center for Diverse Leadership in Scienceフェロー、全米科学財団サステナビリティプログラムの研修生として活動。

Danielle Hoague (she/her) is a second-year Ph.D. student in the UCLA Environment and Sustainability program pursuing interdisciplinary research in environmental justice and science and technology studies. Her research explores the political exchange between scientific knowledge and community activism that produces disparate health outcomes for disadvantaged communities in the Los Angeles region. Danielle transferred from community college to graduate as a Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society member and McNair Scholar from UC Berkeley in 2019 with her B.S. in Society and Environment, f. Justice and Sustainability. At UC Berkeley, she independently researched how food insecurity affects low-income students in the San Francisco Bay Area while managing an education policy research lab. At UCLA, she is a Cota-Robles fellow, Center for Diverse Leadership in Science fellow, and a National Science Foundation Trainee in the sustainability program.

Toma-Jin Morikawa

米国Amherst Collegeにて政治学を専攻する学部4年生。Amherst College進学前は同志社大学法学部政治学科に所属し、2017年から1年間University of California, Berkeleyに交換留学。帰国後2019年に退学し、Doshisha-Neesima ScholarとしてAmherst Collegeに転入。フランス生まれ、アメリカ・日本育ちというバックグラウンドをもち、国際関係とポスト構造主義に学問的興味を持つ。

Toma-Jin Morikawa Fouquet is a senior at Amherst College majoring in Political Science. He studied for a year as an exchange student at the University of California, Berkeley, and received a scholarship from the Gyomu Super Dream Japan Zaidan. At Doshisha University and U.C. Berkeley, Toma-Jin focused largely on international relations with an interest in postwar US-Japan relations. He transferred to Amherst College in 2019 as the Doshisha-Neesima Scholar of 2019 and now looks at the intersections of poststructuralism and international relations.

Mariko Mizogami

早稲田大学創造理工学部経営システム工学科5年。早稲田大学グローバルリーダーシップフェローズプログラム5期生としてUniversity of California, Berkeleyに交換留学し、データサイエンスとビジネスを専攻。帰国後、TOMODACHI-STEM @Rice Universityプログラムを通して、ライス大学にて機械学習を用いた糖尿病の合併症の研究を行い、最優秀ポスター発表賞を受賞。その他、早稲田大学アントレプレナー育成海外武者修行プログラム“No Venture, No Victory”派遣、TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program参加、学生団体Waseda AI Lab共同創設など。

Mariko Mizogami is a fifth-year student at Waseda University majoring in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering. She studied data science and business at the University of California, Berkeley as a member of the Waseda Global Leadership Fellows Program. Mariko also conducted research (topic: Delineating Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Cohorts with Machine Learning) at Rice University through TOMODACHI-STEM @Rice University Program and received the 1st place for the best poster presentation and research. She is a co-founder of the Waseda AI Lab, a member of “No Venture, No Victory” entrepreneurship program in Israel, and a mentee at TOMODACHI Metlife Women’s Leadership Program.
■ワークショップマネジャーWorkshop Manager

Toru Asahi (Doctor of Science, MBA, STO)


Toru Asahi is Professor of Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscienc , Professor of Department of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, and the Chief Professor of Department of Advanced Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering in Waseda University. He is the Director of the Global Consolidated Research Institute for Science Wisdom and also the Deputy Director of the Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation. He has played important roles in promoting interdisciplinary researches and nurturing innovators as a Super Technology Officer (STO). He is engaged in developing entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as the Deputy Director of WASEDA-EDGE PROGRM. His current research interests are Chiral Science, Bio-solid State Physics, Crystal Optics, Functional Thin Films, Symmetry Breaking.
■通 訳Interpreter

大内 祥代(早稲田大学国際教養学部3年)Sachiyo Ouchi
ドゥミッチ 和哉(早稲田大学国際教養学部3年)Kazuya Duimich

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