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Collaboration Seminar between CAMPUS Asia and WASEDA EDGE
“Innovation to make the world a better place Challenges by Waseda’s front runners”
「世界を良くするイノベーション 早稲田のフロントランナー達の挑戦」

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■Date and Time:

June 27 (Thursday) 18:20-20:00






Student, Faculty, & Staff of the CAMPUS Asia and the Skyward EDGE Consortium (Waseda University, Yamagata University, Tokyo University of Science, Shiga University of Medical Science, Tama Art University)



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June 25 (Tuesday) 16:00

18:20 – Introduction of Campus Asia and WASEDA EDGE Programs
by Prof. Shukuko Koyama (CAMPUS Asia) and Prof. Shozo Takata (Waseda EDGE)
18:30 – Special Lecture
"Present and Future Impacts of Venture Companies in Silicon Valley"

by Mr. Takuya Miyata, Scrum Ventures ( ) Founder/General Partner
19:40 – Pitch by WASEDA EDGE Talents;
· Dr. Yusuke Maruyama, EAGLYS Inc. ( )Co-founder/CSO;
· Mr. Gen Sakaeda, Genics Co., Ltd. ( ) CEO, Ph.D Student;
· Mr. Ko Matsuhiro, Yspace LLC. ( ) Co-founder/Co-CEO, Master Student
19:55 – Closing Address
by Prof. Takahiro Ohno (Waseda EDGE)

Takuya Miyata
General Partner of Scrum Ventures.

He has invested in over 50 startups related to commerce, health care, SaaS, video, and IoT in the U.S.. To promote awareness about technology and startup culture in Asia, he collaborates with media companies and events, such as, TechCrunch Japan, and B Dash Camp. He has international experience in the IT industry both as an entrepreneur and as a senior executive. He was the CEO of mixi America. He holds a Master’s degree in Nano Science from Waseda University.
■Pitch Presenter:

Yusuke Maruyama
Co-founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) of EAGLYS Inc.

He researched on mechanical analyses on high-dimensional and high-speed movement during playing sports and acquired his Ph.D. from Waseda university.
He worked as a junior researcher at the Research Organization for Nano & Life Innovation at Waseda University and then he has been a part-time lecturer of courses on “Application of Artificial Intelligence” and “Machine Learning for Advanced Integrated Intelligence” in the Global Education Center of Waseda University.
He has the strength on designing and building appropriate models from limited datasets with specialization in Statistics/ Machine Learning/ Deep Learning and is in charge of R&D, especially, applying them to secure computation with cryptography. Sympathizing with the passion of CEO, Mr. Hiroki Imabayashi, he has joined EAGLYS to accelerate his vision.

Gen Sakaeda
Founder and CEO of Genics Co., Ltd.

He is a doctoral course student in Mechanical Engineering (robotics) Department of Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering at Waseda University. He enrolled WASEDA-EDGE Global Talent Development Program for learning entrepreneurship, and then participated in the internship program at a sensor company in Austria for 1 year in 2016.
He has developed the oral care robot and received his Master degree in 2018, and then has founded Genics based on his research achievement during his Master’s course.
Genics develops products to realize a more convenient, healthy and prosperous society with robot technologies. In January, 2019, Genics was selected for CES2019 by JETRO and exhibited the first product " Full-automatic toothbrush".

Ko Matsuhiro
Co-CEO of Yspace.

He is a master course student in Mechanical Engineering (robotics) Department of Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering at Waseda University. He developed the environmental monitoring robot for controlling invasive alien species and got his bachelor degree of the mechanical engineering at Waseda University in 2018. He is researching on multiple robots systems and lunar exploration robot system.
He was selected as a delegation member of “MUSHASHUGYO” Overseas Program for Fostering Global Entrepreneurs. This program was supported by the Waseda Edge Program of MEXT and he was dispatched to Israel for three weeks.
He has founded Yspace LLC, with his colleagues in June, 2018. Yspace develops space XR contents in order to accelerate space development. Yspace was selected for the Technology Exhibition in G20 Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy, held on June 8-9,2019.

Prof. Mikiko Shimaoka (Waseda EDGE), Toru Asahi (Waseda EDGE)


55N Building, Conference Room No.2, Nishi-waseda Campus (Campus of School of Sci. & Eng.)

*Preregistration is required

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