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2021/02/24 ・ 02/27 ・ 03/03 ・ 03/06 ・ 03/10 ・ 03/13




修了者には、早稲田大学ビジネス・ファイナンス研究センターおよびRady School of Management, UCSDの連名による修了証を授与します。

A mini-program, “MicroMBA” will be held for Undergraduates, Graduated students, Ph.D. candidates, Post-Docs, and Junior scientists and engineers who has Science/Technical background.
In this program, lectures on MBA-level knowledge of business will be given.

MicroMBA is a tie-up program with University of California at San Diego, thus all sessions will be held in English.

The Certificate of Completion from Institute for Business and Finance, Waseda University and Rady School of Management, UCSD will be awarded.

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■主 催Host

早稲田大学ビジネス・ファイナンス研究センター 科学技術とアントレプレナーシップ研究部会
Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship Research Group at Institute for Business and Finance, WASEDA University

■共 催Co-host

Rady School of Management, UCSD / 早稲田大学WASEDA-EDGE 人材育成プログラム
Rady School of Management, UCSD / WASEDA-EDGE Program, WASEDA University

Session Day / Time (JST) Contents Lecturer
Orientation (WASEDA) 19:00-19:30 Wednesday, February 24, 2021 (JST) Orientation Kanetaka Maki
#1 (WASEDA) 19:30-21:00 Wednesday, February 24, 2021 (JST) Innovation Kanetaka Maki
#2 (UCSD) 10:00-11:30, Saturday, February 27, 2021 (JST) Marketing Uma Karmarkar
#3 (WASEDA) 19:00-20:30, Wednesday, March 3, 2021 (JST) Accounting Shigeru Nishiyama
#4 (UCSD) 10:00-11:30, Saturday, March 6, 2021 (JST) Design Michael Meyer
#5 (WASEDA) 19:00-20:30, Wednesday, March 10, 2021 (JST) Strategy Jusuke Ikegami
#6 (UCSD) 10:00-11:30, Saturday, March 13, 2021 (JST) Experiment Sally Sadoff
Certificate award ceremony (WASEDA) 11:30-12:00, Saturday, March 13, 2021 (JST) Certificate award ceremony -

* Attendance for all 6 lectures are mandatory. All lectures will be delivered in English. Required Level of English ability is approx. 750 or above in TOEIC score for non-native English Speaker.

* All lectures are provided online.


3月13日(土)11:30~ オンライン開催
March 13 (Sat) 11:30- @Online.
* The Certificate Award Ceremony will be held right after the last session on the day. The Certificate will be physically mailed afterwards.


・Skyward EDGEコンソーシアムの主幹・協働機関(早稲田大学、滋賀医科大学、東京理科大学、山形大学、多摩美術大学)に在籍する学部生、大学院生、ポスドク等若手研究者
・Undergraduates, Graduated students, Ph.D. candidates, Post-Docs and Researchers from institutes of Skyward EDGE Consortium (WASEDA University, Shiga University of Medical Science, Tokyo University of Science, Yamagata University, Tama Art University)
・WASEDA Business School (WBS) students
・Fully employed individuals(including alumni of WBS)



*If it exceeds the capacity, there is a possibility of selection.

Skyward EDGEコンソーシアムの主幹・協働機関(早稲田大学、滋賀医科大学、東京理科大学、山形大学、多摩美術大学)に在籍する学部生、大学院生、若手研究者
Students, graduate school students and researchers of chief and collaborative institutes of Skyward EDGE Consortium (WASEDA University, Shiga University of Medical Science, Tokyo University of Science, Yamagata University, Tama Art University)
Free of Charge
WASEDA Business School (WBS) students
WBS alumni, Fully employed individuals

*If you belong to a sponsoring company of WASEDA-EDGE program, please contact us about your fees from here.

■締切Deadline of application

15:00, Wednesday, February 17, 2021* This event has been closed due to capacity.


Orientation / Innovation (Wednesday, February 24,)

Kanetaka Maki(牧 兼充)
Associate Professor of Finance, WASEDA Business School, WASEDA University
(早稲田大学 大学院経営管理研究科 准教授)



Prof. Kanetaka Maki received his Ph.D. in Management from the University of California San Diego. He received Master of Media and Governance and B.A. in Environmental Information, both from Keio University.
Prof. Maki’s research interests involve fields of socio-economics of innovation & entrepreneurship, science policy, and university-industry technology transfer. He has three streams of research contribution: (1) the institutional design of entrepreneurship at research universities; (2) methods to improve startup success rates; and (3) quantitative research of innovation systems, particularly comparing the US and Japan.
Prior to joining WBS, Prof. Maki worked at GRIPS, Stanford University, University of California, San Diego and Keio University. In both the U.S. and Japan, he has been actively involved in designing and implementing the innovation system around university. Particularly in Japan, he is a committee member at national and local governments to create effective innovation policy.


Marketing (Saturday, February 27)

Uma Karmarkar
Assistant Professor of Marketing/ITO

Karmarkar’s research examines the factors that consciously and unconsciously influence how people make decisions, and the ensuing implications for marketplace practices. In particular, she looks at how people use their (incomplete) information when they are faced with uncertain decisions or unfamiliar options, and the biases that can emerge from these situations. Her work also explores the ways in which companies’ decisions about how and when to offer information can frame consumers’ expectations and influence their purchase behavior. This research takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining marketing, behavioral economics, neuroscience and psychology. Her work aims to enable firms to communicate better with their customers, and improving consumer confidence and satisfaction with the decision process.

Before joining the Rady School, Karmarkar was an Assistant Professor in the Marketing Unit of the Harvard Business School, and spent a year as a visiting professor at the Haas School of Business at U.C. Berkeley.

Karmarkar was named a Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar in 2017. She has received research grants from the National Institutes of Health, and from the Department of Defense.

Karmarkar earned a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2004, and a second Ph.D. in Consumer Behavior from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University in 2011. Prior to her doctoral work, she received a B.S. in Symbolic Systems (Neural Systems) from Stanford in 1998.


Accounting (Wednesday, March 3)

Shigeru Nishiyama(西山 茂)
Professor of Finance, WASEDA Business School, WASEDA University
(早稲田大学 大学院経営管理研究科 教授)

2002 年から早稲田大学で教鞭をとり、2006年から現職。会計や財務といった数字をベースに理論と実務の両面から経営を考える授業やゼミを担当している。国内主要企業の監査役を歴任。会計・財務に関する著書多数。公認会計士。


Upon graduation from WASEDA University, Professor Nishiyama started his professional career with Tohmatsu & Co., which is a member firm of Deloitte in 1984. After obtaining MBA from University of Pennsylvania, he performed various kinds of projects, such as auditing, IPO consulting, M&A consulting, management control system consulting and training for managers in many Japanese companies through Tohmatsu & Co. and his own firm as a Japanese CPA. He has taught Accounting and Corporate Finance from perspectives of general management at WASEDA since 2002. His current position has begun since 2006 and served as the Assistant Dean of WASEDA’s Graduate School of Commerce from 2008 to 2010 and from 2012 to 2014.


Design (Saturday, March 6)

Michael Meyer
Assistant Teaching Professor of Design

Since 2006, Meyer has been teaching “New Product Development” at the Rady School in the MBA curriculum. In his class, Meyer presents a process of research, synthesis and creativity that managers can use to guide their teams, and dealing with issues such as opportunity-finding and physical / digital / service product design in the context of and as an input to a larger corporate strategy, framing new technologies to users, revitalizing product lines, and leading creative teams. He also teaches in Rady’s Lab-to-Market capstone series, fostering in MBA students a perspective on new venture creation that marries the business imperative with an appreciation of design opportunities, and in UC San Diego’s basic undergraduate Design series, giving students a firm foundation in Design Thinking, Design Making, and the Designer’s Perspective.

Meyer comes to academia from the world of practice, drawing upon his experience as a design executive and advisor to companies in a wide range of industries.

He led Adaptive Path as CEO, expanding the iconic Experience Design firm globally and opening their first overseas studio in Amsterdam. At frogdesign, he led the California studios as General Manager and focused their creative efforts on convergent physical / digital products. At IDEO, Meyer founded the Product Strategy practice in their Boston studio, and served as a front-line teammember on both strategy and design projects. He has led the formalization and expansion of a firm’s digital practice, along with the creation of the firm's first iOS app, first web app, and iRobot’s FDA-approved medical robot interface, led successful creative agency M&A, and advised upon opportunities at the intersection of Design and Big Data.

In 2004, Meyer was a Batten Fellow at the Darden Graduate School of Business.

He has received two gold and two silver Business Week / IDSA awards, and numerous design and utility patents.

Meyer earned a B.A. in Physics from the University of California, Berkeley, an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, and is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Nuclear Power Officers’ School.

An avid pilot, he often daydreams about flying an open-cockpit biplane when life keeps him away from the airport.


Strategy (Wednesday, March 10)

Jusuke Ikegami(池上 重輔)
Professor of Finance, WASEDA Business School, WASEDA University
(早稲田大学 大学院経営管理研究科 教授)

ボストン・コンサルティング・グループ(BCG)、MARS JAPAN、ソフトバンクECホールディングス、ニッセイ・キャピタルを経て2016年より現職。
英国ケンブリッジ大学ジャッジ経営大学院MBA、英国国立シェフィールド大学 政治学部 大学院修士課程国際関係学 修士、英国国立ケント大学 社会科学部 大学院修士課程国際関係学 修士。


Professor Ikegami received Doctor of Business Administration from Hitotsubashi University in 2015. After working for Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Tokyo office, he joined MARS Japan. While he is working for Softbank EC Holdings as a Director of New Business Development, he also served as BOD of several subsidiaries. He also worked for Nissay Capital Co. Ltd., before joining Waseda Business School. His research interest includes corporate strategy, global management, new business development and global leadership. He is a member of international committee of JAIBS (Japan Academy of International Business Studies). He is also an outside company auditor of Toyo INK SC Holdings.


Experiment (Saturday, March 13)

Sally Sadoff
Associate Professor of Economics and Strategic Management

Sadoff's research in applied microeconomics is focused on behavioral economics, experimental economics, labor and human capital. Prior to coming to the Rady School, Sadoff was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Chicago.

Sadoff earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago. She earned her B.A. in Economics from Harvard University.




【Terms of participation with regard to online events】
Please be sure to read the following carefully.
By submitting the application, it shall be deemed to have accepted the Terms of participation with regard to online events.

- Please use the latest version Zoom client software.
 Accessing via previous version or a browser might cause restricted functions.
 Zoom download: https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting
- We cannot guarantee any problems caused by the installation of ZOOM client software. Please use it at your own risk.
- To use ZOOM, you will need a computer with camera and microphone functions. The use of a headset or earphones with a microphone is recommended.
- We will not support the use and operation of ZOOM.
- Please do not share the Zoom meeting URL with others or post it on SNS.
- Please prepare a high-speed, high-capacity, and stable network environment. (connection via smartphone desering is not recommended).
- Please be aware that Internet communication may become unstable due to the condition of the network or equipment, and this may cause problems with the video.
- The contents of the group work and discussions in this program may be used for research by the Skyward EDGE Consortium.
 It will not be published in a form that could identify individuals, such as the contents of their comments.
- The recorded video and chat will not be distributed or shared after the event.
- Photos and screen captures taken in the program may be used for the Skyward EDGE Consortium's website and reports.
- Participants are not allowed to record this event.
- To protect privacy, please refrain from taking screenshots or photos of the event without permission.
- If your chat, screen sharing, etc is deemed to be a nuisance by organizer, you will be asked to leave the event immediately and will not be allowed to participate in future events.

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